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Trafi is the civil aviation regulatory authority in Finland

Aviation is a form of transport vital for Finland. Our country is geographically remote, and without regular air connections we could not travel or transport goods to the major markets of Europe quickly and conveniently enough. Within Finland too, flying is often the most feasible mode of travel.

Indeed, aviation is an important part of Finland’s functional and effective transport system and one of the main building blocks of our competitiveness.

Air safety in Finland is of a high level by international standards. In keeping with European policies, our overall aim is to reduce the annual number of air accidents and resulting fatalities, regardless of traffic growth or external safety threats. In sport aviation, the aim is to maintain a high level of safety.

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) is the state's national civil aviation authority, with responsibility for ensuring that air transport is safe and as environmentally friendly as possible and for promoting the facilitation and flow of air traffic. Trafi considers aviation issues from the perspective of airline passengers, airlines, private pilots and airport operators.

Experts at Trafi work towards the safety and smooth running of aviation for instance by:

  • issuing aviation regulations,
  • issuing licences and certificates,
  • supervising licence and certificate holders,
  • participating in national and international cooperation,
  • dealing with environmental issues related to aviation,
  • safeguarding passenger rights,
  • providing advice and information, and
  • maintaining aviation registers.


Updated: 17.9.2015