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Road traffic

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency, Trafi, makes everyday travel safe for you. Trafi often operates in the background, so you might not necessarily notice you are receiving service from Trafi. Among other things, Trafi ensures that the teaching you receive from a driving school is of good quality and, at the same time, that the vehicle you drive meets safety regulations and environmental requirements. Trafi's experts are also involved in preparatory work for regulations both at the EU and national level.

Trafi and your driving licence

Already when applying for your first driving licence, you are dealing with Trafi. Trafi approves the curricula of driving schools and monitors the quality of their teaching. When you get to take your driving test, it is conducted by an examiner of driving tests approved by Trafi. The content of the theory and driving tests is determined by Trafi, which also monitors the activities of the examiners of these tests.

Once you pass your driving test, Trafi will have a driving licence made up for you. Trafi saves the information on your right to drive in the Vehicle Register.

You will also receive a couple of letters from Trafi during your lifetime. If you have been driving without reproach, you will receive your first letter a little before you turn 45; it will remind you to have your eyesight examined. You will not receive the next one until you turn 70, when you will be reminded that your right to drive is expiring. If you have the right to drive heavy vehicles, you will receive reminders slightly more often.

You might also receive a letter from Trafi if your driving has resulted in penalties and cautions and you have traffic violations in the register.

As a professional driver you will also be dealing with Trafi when you receive the training and licence required by EU Directive 2003/59/EC concerning professional competence. Trafi will also provide you with the licence required for your digital tachograph. You will receive a reminder from Trafi when the expiry date of these licences is approaching.

Trafi and the life cycle of your car

Trafi makes sure that only vehicles that meet the technical requirements enter the Vehicle Register. Later on, you yourself will be responsible for the condition of your vehicle, but the technical inspection stations directed and monitored by Trafi will help you with that. Garages must also apply for authorization from Trafi for certain tasks, or at least inform Trafi of their operations.

Trafi enters the type approval data for car models approved in the EU into the Vehicle Register, which makes the registration of a new car fast and simple. Based on this information, Trafi also offers you a service that allows you to compare new car models on the market.

Importers enter the cars they have ordered in Trafi's Vehicle Register in advance, when they are given registration numbers, among other things. Based on this notification, Trafi has registration plates made up for the cars. So, when you purchase a car from the dealer, it already has plates; the seller will register the car in your name in Trafi's Vehicle Register, and you are free to drive it away immediately. The registration certificate will be sent to your home later.

After some time, you will receive a vehicle tax demand notice from Trafi. You will receive at least one each year, as long as you own a car on the road.

You may take your car off the road and put it back again using Trafi's online service. Naturally, this is also possible at the offices of Trafi's service producers.

When your car has served its time, it must be removed from the register. You can do this through official receivers. Information regarding the removal is entered in the Vehicle Register, which will end your requirement to pay vehicle tax, and the information will also be passed on to your vehicle insurance company.


Updated: 17.9.2015