Misplaced or damaged registration certificate

Misplaced or damaged registration certificate

When registering a vehicle, Part II of the registration certificate is no longer necessary for the owner or holder marked in the vehicle register. However, if one wishes to register a vehicle using Part II, but it is, e.g. torn, stained or smudged so that is unreadable, it cannot be accepted for registration purposes.

Private and corporate customers may order a new registration certificate subject to a fee from Trafi's e-Services if the vehicle has no register entries preventing the order. A new certificate subject to a fee can also be printed to replace a misplaced/damaged registration certificate at a vehicle inspection office.

When ordered from the e-Services, the registration certificate is delivered to the owner by post. The holder of the vehicle can order only the technical section (Part I) of the registration certificate to replace a misplaced or damaged registration certificate, allowing its delivery by post. If the registration certificate has not arrived within 14 days of the order, the orderer can visit a vehicle inspection office within the next seven days to pick up a new certificate free-of-charge.

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