Change of owner

Change of owner

A registration notification of the transfer of the vehicle’s right of ownership is submitted using the notification and technical parts of the vehicle’s most recent valid registration certificate. A registration notification must also be submitted for a vehicle decommissioned from traffic.

Information about the new owner and the date of ownership transfer is entered in the notification part. Both the new owner and the owner(s) entered in the register must verify with their signatures the information submitted with the notification part. In addition to the signatures, print names are marked in the notification part. If a party of the transaction is a company, the signature must comprise the name of the company, the name of its representative and his/her print name. The notification part and the technical part of the registration certificate may have different serial numbers (the serial numbers of both parts are indicated in the technical part).

The notification must be submitted at a registration office within seven days of the date of transfer. Within the same period of time, the new owner must also sign a motor liability insurance policy for the vehicle. The new owner of the vehicle is liable to pay an increased insurance fee charged by the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre if the difference between the date of ownership transfer and the start date of the new insurance exceeds seven days. The increased insurance fee is primarily charged to the vehicle holder.

More specific instructions on completing the notification part are printed on the back side of the registration certificate.

A vehicle should be purchased only from the owner specified in the register in order to avoid problems with ownership, motor liability insurance and vehicle tax. However, if the vehicle is purchased from an “intermediate” owner who has not personally registered the vehicle, the new owner should sign a motor liability insurance policy (and submit a registration notification) on the day of purchase. This helps to avoid increased insurance fees at least.

Registering vehicles contained in the estate of a person who is now deceased or registering vehicles purchased on behalf of such an estate

No registration notification is required for a vehicle transferring to become part of an estate of a person who is now deceased. However, a registration notification must be submitted within seven days of the vehicle ownership having been transferred from the estate to a new owner based on a legally valid transaction.

It is no longer necessary to append a copy of the estate inventory deed or equivalent document to the registration notification when registering a vehicle on behalf of the estate, or when selling a vehicle owned by the estate. An individual party to the estate can make the registration notificiation regarding the vehicle belonging to the estate. An individual party to the estate can also sign the vehicle's transfer document, which is usually the notification part (part II) of the registration certificate. However, it is the signing party's duty to ensure that he or she had the right to hand the vehicle over (sell it).

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