Changes in holder data

Changes in holder data

The holder is the primary user of the vehicle

In compliance with Finnish legislation on vehicle registration, the holder of a vehicle must always be included in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register. The first or other holder of the vehicle refers to a natural person who is its primary user.

From holder to owner

If the holder entered in the register obtains ownership of the vehicle from the owner, the holder must submit a registration notification within seven days of the date of transfer. When a registration is carried out under the title “from holder to owner”, all holders become owners. If all holders are not to become owners, the change must be done as a change of owner. The “from holder to owner” registration does not require new motor liability insurance if the insured party does not change. A registration notification must also be submitted for a vehicle decommissioned from traffic.

Adding, changing or removing a listed holder

The term “holder” refers to a natural person or legal entity other than the owner to whom the primary use of the vehicle has been transferred and to whom the vehicle has been assigned for use for a period of more than 30 days. The first holder of the vehicle must be old enough to drive the vehicle in traffic.

The owner of the vehicle entered in the register may submit a registration notification concerning the addition, change or removal of a listed holder.

The registration notification is submitted with the notification part of a valid registration certificate, either at an inspection station or in the insurance company which provides the valid motor liability insurance policy of the vehicle after the change.

The registration notification must be submitted within seven days from the date of change indicated in the notification part. A registration notification must also be submitted for a vehicle decommissioned from traffic.

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