Registration obligation

Registration obligation and registration notification deadline

Under section 64 of the Vehicles Act, a motor vehicle to be used in traffic must be registered and notification of any changes to the vehicle must be submitted to the register.

The registration notification must be submitted at a registration office as soon as possible, no later than 7 days after the change occurred. The date of the change is not included in the time period (i.e. if the change occurred on Wednesday, for instance, the notification will be in time if submitted on the following Wednesday). If the deadline is a Saturday or a holiday, the notification may be submitted on the following weekday. A notification must also be submitted within the specified time of a change of owner or holder for a decommissioned vehicle. Registration notifications for commissioning and decommissioning must always be submitted by the end of the same day.

The registration obligation applies to any motor vehicle used in traffic and a trailer attached to such a vehicle. Neglecting to submit a registration notification is a vehicle offence. Such negligence may lead to the police seizing the registration plates of the vehicle and imposing a fine.

Exemptions from the registration obligation

The registration obligation does not apply to:

  • vehicles used solely at a construction site, factory, port, storage area, competition area or any similar area separate from public traffic (including all-terrain traffic and pedestrians)
  • all-terrain vehicles other than snowmobiles
  • working machinery built or equipped for producing crops, harvesting or road maintenance, or any tractors meant to be controlled by a walking person, or any similar working machinery
  • trailers meant to be towed by a category L vehicle, tractor, a working machine or an ATV
  • any towable equipment meant to be towed by vehicles other than cars
  • sleighs.

Even if a vehicle is not subject to the registration obligation, motor liability insurance may be required for it in certain situations. For further information on insurance requirements, contact your insurance company or the Finnish Motor Insurers’ Centre.

About the registration obligation for buggies (ATVs)

The Vehicle Act does not recognise the vehicle type known as a ‘buggy’ (ATV). If a ‘buggy’ or ATV has EU type approval in one of the following vehicle categories, it is subject to the registration obligation if operated on public roads:

  • three-wheel moped (category L2e)
  • tricycle (L5e)
  • light quadricycle (L6e)
  • quadricycle (L7e)

All other kinds of 'buggies' (ATVs) are off-road vehicles and cannot be registered for operating on public roads.


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