Long-term transfer permits

Long-term (3-month or 9-month) transfer permits granted by vehicle inspection sites and Customs

Transfer permits exceeding the period of seven days may be granted by vehicle inspection sites and Finnish Customs to imported vehicles provided that a declaration of use confirmed by Customs is presented when applying for the permit.

Transfer permits granted on the basis of the declaration of use are necessary, for example, when:

  • vehicle taxation procedure is pending in Customs (validity three months)
  • a vehicle intended to be sold in Finland is being used for sales-related purposes by a vehicle import, manufacturing or sales company, i.e. in test drives or demonstrations (validity nine months).

The transfer permit cannot be valid beyond the expiry date of the right of use specified in the Custom’s declaration of use. The validity of the permit and the tax-free use require that a notice of vehicle taxation is issued within five days of the granting of the permit. The temporary handing over of the vehicle by virtue of a 3-month transfer permit for the use of a person other than the issuer of the declaration of use, or a member of his/her family, is not restricted.


  • Permit expires on the due date of the vehicle taxation decision.
  • Permit expires if the vehicle taxation is cancelled.
  • Transfer permit is not needed if the vehicle has valid licence plates from an EEA state: a vehicle registered in an EEA state and subject to vehicle taxation can be used for the duration of the tax-free use (3 or 9 months) plus the following seven (7) days.

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