GLXS 2016 – Enabling safe performance at level crossings

The 14th Global Level Crossing Safety and Trespass Prevention Symposium in Helsinki, Finland on 12.–16.6.2016.


Monday 13 June:

Welcoming words
Ms Anne Berner, Minister of Transport and Communications in Finland
Mr Kari Wihlman, Director General, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi

Key Notes

Improving Level Crossing Safety at UNECE
Mr Martin Gallagher, Chair of UNECE Expert Group on Safety at Level Crossings
Investigation of Accidents and Serious Railway Incidents at Level Crossings
Mr Kurt A. Olsen, Director, Railway Department, Accident Investigation Board, Norway

Session 1: Strategies, Planning and Education

Rail-Road Interface Action Plan
Mr Vincent Godeau and Mr Gunther Buys, Infrabel, Belgian Infrastructure Manager
Why Cost-Benefit Is Increasingly Irrelevant to Level Crossing Safety: a GB Perspective
Dr John Barker, Arthur D. Little
Finnish Transport Agency's Level Crossing Strategy
Mr Jarmo Koistinen, Finnish Transport Agency
How Making Professional Drivers Aware on Safety at Level Crossings
Isabelle Fonverne, UIC International Union of Railways

Session 2: Human Factors vol. 1

Driver Behavior at Level Crossings Using Naturalistic Driving Study Data
Mr David Nelson, Dr. Pasi Lautala and Dr. Myounghoon Jeon, Michigan Technological University
Driver Distraction in Road Traffic. Role in Accidents and Preliminary Results of Safety Campaign
Mr Petri Jääskeläinen, Finnish Road Safety Council
PeriLight - Triggering Attention at Passive Level Crossings
Mr Jan Grippenkoven and Ms Birte Thomas, German Aerospace Center e.V. (DLR)
Railroad Safety Advocacy - Agenda to Altruism
Dr Lanny Wilson, The DuPage Railroad Safety Council

Tuesday 14 June:

Session 3: Human Factors vol. 2

Are the Root Causes of Errors and Violations at Level Crossings Universal? A Comparison Between Level Crossing Risk in South Africa and Great Britain
Ms Jessica Hutchings, Transnet Centre of Systems Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa and Dr John Barker, Arthur D. Little
Evaluation of Pedestrian Behavior at Level Crossings in Urban Areas
Dr Danijela Baric, Dr Martin Starcevic and Dr Hrvoje Pilko, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
Human Risk Factors in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents at Passive and Active Railway Level Crossings
Dr Sirkku Laapotti, Research and Training Humaani Ltd

Session 4: Solutions for specific cases

Shut and Fasten the Gates! An Irish Case Study
Mr Donal Casey and Mr Robert O'regan, Railway Safety Commission
Railway Level Crossing Safety of Bus and School Transportation
Mr Markus Laine, Ramboll Finland Oy

Session 5: Innovative Approaches

Design and Evaluation of In-Vehicle Auditory Alerts for Railroad Crossings
Mr Steven Landry, Dr Myounghoon Jeon, Dr Pasi Lautala and Mr David Nelson, Michigan Technological University
Rail2X – A Multimodal Communication Approach on Level Crossings
Mr Andreas Kluge (German Aerospace Center e.V. (DLR)
Mitigating the Level Crossing Risks in an expanding railway environment – The South African Approach
Dr Cornel Malan
Cornel Malan RSR Helsinki 2016 Paper

Session 6: Accident Models and Enforcement

Dynamic Tree Data Visualization Method for Grade Crossing Accidents
Mr Jacob Mathew, Dr Juan Medina and Dr Rahim Benekohal, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Statistical Modeling of Passenger Train Derailment Likelihood at Level Crossings in the United States
Ms Samantha Chadwick, Dr. M. Rapik Saat and Prof. Christopher Barkan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The New South Wales (Australia) Level Crossing Awareness and Enforcement Campaign – Five Years of Working Together
Dr Cornel Malan Mr Michael Timms, New South Wales Police Force

Session 7: Trespass Prevention vol. 1

Preventing Pedestrian Trespass in the Vicinity of Level Crossings: Examples of Good Practice from Europe
Dr Grigore M. Havârneanu, International Union of Railways
Feasibility Study on the Use of Spatial Analysis in the Prevention of Rail Train-Trespasser Collisions
Dr Anne Silla, Technical Research Centre of Finland, Mr Ville Vainiomäki, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi
Trespassing Action Plan Infrabel
Ms Marie Molens and Mr Gaëtan Van Overmeiren, Infrabel, Belgian Infrastructure Manager

Session 8: Accident Investigation

Fatal Level-Crossing Accidents in Finland involving a Motor Vehicle
Mr Kalle Parkkari and Ms Niina Sihvola, Finnish Motor Insurers' Centre
Effective Recommendations for Level Crossing Safety with Theme Investigation
Mr Esko Värttiö, Safety investigation authority
Level Crossing Accident Investigation Problems on the Interface Between Railways and Public Services
Mr Witold Olpinski, Instytut Kolejnictw

Wednesday 15 June:

Session 9: Trespass Prevention vol. 2

From Selfies to Scenery: Addressing Illegal Train Track Photography and Filming
Ms. Bonnie Murphy, Operation Lifesaver, Inc.
Level Crossings as Access-point for Suicide on the Railways in The Netherlands
Mr Bart Hoogcarspel, ProRail, Dr Roland Blaauw, SAM-Kwaliteit, Dr Paul Banens, Retired from CQM
Suicide and Suicide Prevention on the Swedish Rail Network, Including analysis of Suicides at Level Crossings
Dr Helena Rådbo, Trafikverket Sweden

Closing session

Dealing with LX Safety in Busy Rural Environments
Mr Alan Ross, A&K Ross Associates Pty Ltd (AKRA)
Level Crossings in Low-volume Private Roads
Mr Jaakko Rahja, Finnish Road Association
GLXS 2016 Conclusions & Closing words
Ms Kirsi Pajunen, Chief Adviser to Director General of Rail Transport Sector and Mr Yrjö Mäkelä, Director General of Rail Transport Sector, Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi

coffee break


Anne Berner

Kari Wihlman

Martin Gallagher

Kurt A. Olsen



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