About Trafi

Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi)

Trafi develops the safety of the transport system, promotes environmentally friendly transport solutions and is responsible for transport system regulatory duties.


  • issues permits, regulations, approvals and decisions and prepares legal rules regarding the transport sector;
  • arranges examinations, handles transport sector taxation and registration, and provides reliable information services;
  • oversees the transport market as well as compliance with rules and regulations governing the transport system;
  • participates in international co-operation;
  • ensures the functionality of the transport system even in emergency conditions and when normal operations are disrupted;
  • creates opportunities for innovative development of intelligent transport;
  • informs the public of transport-related choices.


Responsible traffic

Mission statement

We enable well-being and competitiveness from transport


Courage and co-operation

Strategic goals

Influencing: Trafi shows the way and actively influences the drafting of transport policy and fulfilment of transport policy objectives.

Customers and services: Trafi is a pioneer in customer-oriented public services.

Information: Transport system development and provision of services to traffic is based on active utilisation of information.

Personnel: Trafi is the best place to work at.