Invoicing Address

Invoicing address of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi)


The Finnish Transport Safety Agency wishes to receive invoices in an electronic form.

Please indicate the contract number, person who has placed the order and unit number on the invoice.


Trafi’s address for eInvoicing

eInvoicing address / EDI number 003710317159
Operator ID for OpusCapita Group         003710948874
Trafi’s Business ID 1031715-9
VAT number FI10317159


Finnish Transport Safety Agency
Sector (Management and Administration/Communications/Legal affairs/Rail regulatory body/Transport system and development/Means of transport/Transport operators/Aviation/Maritime sector/Rail transport sector/Road transport/Data and knowledge)
P.O. Box 96222


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Contact Information

Marjo Lahti
Title: Asiantuntija
Puhelin: +358 29 534 5427
Fax: 029 5345 617


Page updated 08/23/2018