First automatic cars join traffic in Finland

7/15/16, 1:00 PM

Trafi has granted test plates to three Finnish research organisations for the testing of automatic cars in traffic.

Finland's first test plates for the testing of automatic cars were issued to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The testing of automatic cars will begin in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in July–August and in Tampere in September. Test plates will be approved for Tieto Group in August.

Metropolia will test automated, small electric buses in Helsinki, Espoo and Tampere, as part of the Sohjoa project. The aim of the project is to create an open innovation platform for Finnish companies for the development of new products and services, while increasing the understanding of the transition underway among cities and their residents. Buses were tested already last year at Vantaa Housing Fair, but now their use is being extended.

Tieto and VTT are testing the automatic functions of passenger cars in city traffic as part of the UrbanAutoTest project in the Tampere region. In addition to the vehicles' functionality and situational awareness, the project will involve the development of tools and methods to enable testing, particularly with respect to the needs of Finnish SMEs. Functionalities to be tested include wireless data exchange between the vehicles and observation of the environment.

Traffic arrangements on the test routes will be planned individually between the authorities in charge of the road and those performing the trial. A separate safety plan has been drawn up in Trafi for each trial. Trafi encourages trials in automatic driving and provides support for the planning of such trials.

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Automated vehicle trials
Sohjoa project

Finnish Transport Safety Agency
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Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Sohjoa project
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Urban Auto Test
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