Calling all drivers: Finland’s largest traffic trial open to all now covers all of southern Finland

2/7/17, 5:25 PM

Would you like detailed information on traffic hazards ahead sent to your smartphone? Or would you like to share your observations with others? The road traffic hazard communications trial is being expanded again and is now available to all drivers in southern Finland. In particular, it is hoped that more professional drivers will join the trial.

The idea in this trial to improve road safety, lasting until the end of this spring, is that participating drivers notify each other through a mobile app of traffic hazards they observe, such as poor visibility, accidents, obstacles on the road or animals.

Participating drivers also receive information on their smartphones concerning hazards on their current route, both from other users and from the Road Traffic Centre.

Warn others and be warned of road hazards

“We already have almost 1,000 drivers in the trial, but there’s room for plenty more,” says Chief Adviser Anna Schirokoff of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi: “We began the trial on a smaller scale along the Helsinki–Turku motorway but soon extended it to all motorways in southern Finland and the Helsinki and Tampere ring roads. Now the trial covers all of southern Finland.”

“Those who use the app actively have been pleased with it. They have gained updated information on hazards on the road ahead and have been able to alter their route as necessary. Communicating with other road users, rapidly conveyed information on the location of a hazard to the nearest metre and details on how far the driver is from the hazard have been favourably received,” says Project Manager Ilkka Kotilainen of the Finnish Transport Agency.

Professional drivers wanted

“What we need now is more professional drivers, because they drive a lot and thus have the greatest potential to warn other road users and to benefit themselves from the app. Professionals are also better at identifying situations that may be potential hindrances to traffic,” says Schirokoff.

“All you need for joining up is an Android smartphone. We will also be holding a raffle for automatic parking discs among active users at the end of February,” adds Kotilainen.

#NordicWay and #varoitamuita are the relevant hashtags in social media: To sign up for the trial, go to:

Automatic cars develop through trials

“Trials are an important part of the development of automatic cars and the digitalisation of traffic. We believe that through this Nordic project, Nordic Way Coop, about communication between vehicles, we will gain important information on how peer feedback and existing data can be combined in the interests of improving traffic safety,” says the leader of stakeholder cooperation in the trial, Marko Sillanpää, Director General of Road Transport at Trafi.

The trial forms part of the EU-supported NordicWay project. The Coop trial in Finland is being jointly implemented by HERE, Inforipla Oy, the Finnish Transport Agency and Trafi.

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Additional information is available from:
Jorma Kämäräinen, Chief Adviser, tel. +358 29 5345 268
Finnish Transport Agency
Project Manager Ilkka Kotilainen, tel. 050 311 8016 ilkka.kotilainen (at)
Head of Media Relations James Etheridge, james.etheridge (at) (Enquiries in English)