MyData will change authorities’ role in processing data

8/31/17, 4:00 PM

MyData brings the individual to the core of data management, which will also change the role of the traditional data processing authorities. Trust in data and protection of privacy will, however, remain strong in the future, too. MyData 2017, a conference focusing on the management of personal data, is currently underway in Helsinki and Tallinn.

“The authorities’ role as a maintainer of data will change fundamentally in the future. Our task will shift from maintaining data towards monitoring data and ensuring that the quality criteria are met,” says Juha Kenraali, Director General of Data and Knowledge, who will explain the future change in the role of human-centred data and the authorities at the conference.

“The whole idea of maintaining data and different registers will change. I therefore believe that in the future, the only registers still maintained by the authorities themselves will be the so-called strategic registers, and at least some of the maintenance of the current basic registers will be carried out with the help of the MyData principles, blockchains or other corresponding techniques,” Kenraali says, envisaging the opportunities of the future.

All personal data is not MyData, but all MyData is personal data

MyData is based on the idea that people are given a central role in the management of their own personal data. MyData includes all data that individuals can control themselves. Trafi is one of the most important information sources of MyData in Finland and its intention is to participate in the promotion of accessibility and usability of personal data both in MyData services and in other business activities.

“Citizens must be able to access their data easily and we are creating a variety of services related to register data. Our aim is to open access to our registers in the spirit of MyData, ensuring at the same time that people’s trust in data will remain. We therefore hope that people will take advantage of Trafi’s data as widely as possible,” says Head of Unit Kirsi Pulkamo, who will give a speech on making data available for individuals to use in the conference.

Trafi’s registers as open data – also open programming interfaces in future

Trafi has regularly opened access to its register material and will next open access to the data on drivers in road transport.

“In future, we will also be providing open programming interfaces. The first interfaces to open will be for boats. Our intention is to allow access to our register material as comprehensively as possible without having to compromise privacy protection,” says Legal Adviser Päivi Karkkola, who will be speaking about opening personal data in the conference.

Trafi is one of the partners of the MyData 2017 conference organised in Helsinki and Tallinn this week from 30 August to 1 September 2017. The event is organised jointly by Open Knowledge Finland, Fing, Aalto University and Tallinn University.

The conference brings together international companies and organisations that are looking for solutions to problems slowing down the use of personal data, such as the distrust of digital services and the concern for privacy protection among citizens.


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Further information:

Juha Kenraali, Director General, Data and Knowledge, tel. +358 29 5347 162, juha.kenraali (at), on Twitter @JuhaKenraali

Kirsi Pulkamo, Head of Unit, tel. +358 29 5347 223, kirsi.pulkamo (at), on Twitter @KirsiPulkamo

Päivi Karkkola, Legal Adviser, tel. +358 29 5347 254, paivi.karkkola (at), on Twitter @PaiviKarkkola