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11/24/17, 10:00 AM

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9/25/17, 6:00 PM

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Evolving transport requires bold initiatives and bold actors

10/14/16, 8:00 PM

“The transport sector is undergoing huge changes. Digitalisation, automation, the sharing economy and new services are transforming transport markets all over the world,” said Kari Wihlman, Director General of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) at the Trafi 2016 stakeholder event at Finlandia Hall today, 14 October 2016.

Traffic suicides can be prevented

9/19/16, 12:30 PM

Around two-thirds of traffic suicides occur in rail traffic and one third in road traffic, according to a new study by Trafi, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Finnish Transport Agency and Liikenneturva. Joint intent, cooperation between actors and a wide range of measures are the keys to suicide prevention. Assessing fitness to drive also emerged as a way of preventing traffic suicides.

Smart technology and responsibility are the keys to deregulation

10/24/14, 10:00 AM

“Being a responsible actor and using information in a new way are factors that enable deregulation,” said Kari Wihlman, Director General of Trafi, at the currently ongoing State of Transport seminar in Helsinki. The new opportunities facilitated by information and new ways of leveraging the official status of the agency are already apparent in the transport system today and will increase in the future.

Transport services driven by data

6/18/14, 4:00 PM

”Information has dramatically increased its role in society in recent years. Big data, mass data, very large data, raw data, open data, data analytics, digitisation...,” Trafi’s Information Director and Director General for Data Resources, Mia Nykopp, lists the various types of information that affect our lives. Trafi is actively involved in the 10th ITS European Congress in Helsinki, held on 16–19 June, 2014.

Wintertime traffic safety

11/7/12, 9:00 AM

The National Traffic Police, the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi and the Meteorological Institute want people to pay attention to wintertime traffic safety. What can be done this winter to achieve a safe and smooth flow of traffic? What can we do to avoid multiple-vehicle collisions? How can bad winter conditions be predicted? Will the railway traffic run more smoothly than in the last few years? What must ferry passengers take into account in winter?

Trafi’s telephone numbers change on 1 November

10/31/12, 11:00 AM

As of 1 November 2012, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency will switch over to the new telephone numbering system jointly used by all Finnish government services. The new number for Trafi’s switchboard is 029 534 5000. When calling from abroad, please add Finland’s country code +358 and leave out the zero: +358 29 534 5000.

Railway safety in Finland 2009

12/14/10, 11:34 AM