Traffic and health

Traffic and health

Many people representing different occupational tasks and personnel groups have tasks directly or indirectly affecting traffic safety, both in commercial transport as well as in recreational activities. Based on data on close-calls and accident investigations, human functional ability has been identified as a significant factor affecting traffic safety.

The capacity of a person engaged in traffic safety tasks to perform his or her duty is essentially influenced by the person's fitness to work in the field of traffic safety, education and training, competence acquired though experience, attitude towards traffic safety as well as factors related to health.

The operations of traffic medicine authorities are focused on ensuring sufficient functionality related to the health and functional ability of people applying to traffic safety tasks as well as those already serving in these positions.

The primary task of the work of the traffic medicine authorities is to monitor compliance with the functional ability and health requirements set for individuals and assess the risk caused to traffic safety, grant permits related to medical fitness as well as to actively promote traffic safety in cooperation with the authorities and operators of different modes of transport.

The main objective of the operations by the traffic medicine authorities is to promote traffic safety by preventing risks caused by the sudden or gradual loss of functional ability or degradation of health of a person engaged in a traffic safety task to the safe performance of the traffic safety task.


  • Is responsible for the operations of aeromedical authorities in cooperation with the aeromedical examiners and aeromedical centres it has trained and recognised.
  • Prepares guidelines for physicians on the assessment of the driving capacity of drivers of vehicles in road traffic. Trafi has no jurisdiction to rule on individual assessments of persons in road traffic.
  • Grants dispensations concerning the health of seafarers and ships' medical stores and participates in training recognised medical practitioners.
  • Prepares the health requirements and guidelines on health examinations for persons engaged in traffic safety tasks in the railway system and grants dispensations concerning the health requirements for persons engaged in traffic safety tasks.
  • Trains and recognises practitioners, medical experts and psychologists providing occupational health care for railway traffic employees.



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