Autoilija application

Autoilija application

Autoilija ('Driver') is an application downloaded on a smartphone which includes a mobile driving licence and different vehicle services.


The beta version of the application was adopted for test use in mid-December 2017. The aim is to publish the application in 2018, at which point anyone will be able to download it from the App Store or GooglePlay.

Mobile driving licence

The mobile driving licence allows users to take their current information on their right to drive with them wherever they go. The licence includes the latest available photograph.

The mobile driving licence is intended for the same purposes as the plastic licence. It provides a handy alternative to verifying the user's right to drive or age in different transactions. Trafi is currently in discussions with many companies and authorities on the approval of the mobile driving licence.

Visual security elements enable the viewer to verify the authenticity of the licence. The security elements include an animated background image which changes when the screen is touched, and hologram-like images, including the Trafi logo, that change as the mobile phone is rotated. QR code is used to provide additional security for the verification.

Vehicle services

The users of Autoilija app will be able to use it to view the vehicles they own or hold. Certain registration and vehicle taxation measures can also be carried out for these vehicles

The pilot version of Autoilija app can be used for searching for the technical information of any vehicle registered in Finland, including engine data and inspection details, based on the vehicle's registration mark. Vehicle taxation information will also be included in the search. The vehicle information service is free of charge.


Different notifications and reminders concerning the driving licence and the vehicles owned by the user will also be later included in the Autoilija app.



Page updated 07/11/2018