Air traffic obstacles

Obstacles to air navigation

According to Section 158 of the Finnish Aviation Act (864/2014), which entered into force in November 2014, permission is required for setting up a facility, building, structure or sign that may constitute a hazard to air traffic. If the conditions specified in this provision are met and permission is required, the person who intends to set up an obstacle to air navigation must account for its effects through a statement obtained from the provider of air traffic services.

Applying for an obstacle permit

To apply for a permit to set up an obstacle to air navigation, the person setting up the obstacle must first obtain a statement from the air traffic service provider (ANS Finland). Instructions on how to apply for a statement are given on ANS Finland website – only in Finnish. For wind powerplants located at sea (even if near the shore), a statement from the Finnish Border Guard must also be obtained.

Aviation Regulation AGA M3-14, issued on 31 May 2016, relieves the operator from the obligation to apply for permission to set up an obstacle to air navigation, if the obstacle statement confirms that the obstacle has no effect on flight safety. In that case, the obstacle statement is regarded as a sufficient basis for setting up the obstacle, and Trafi’s approval is not needed. Any conditions for setting up the obstacle are given in the obstacle statement. If the obstacle is considered to have an effect on flight safety or the flow of air traffic, or if it is located close to an aerodrome, the obstacle statement will indicate that permission for setting up the obstacle must be applied from Trafi.

Regardless of what is said in the obstacle statement, anyone who intends to set up an obstacle has the right to apply for permission from Trafi.

If an application for permission to set up an obstacle to air navigation is submitted to Trafi, ANS Finland statement must be attached. Please use this application form.

The processing time for the application varies according to the type of obstacle. The permission is subject to a fee. ANS ANS Finland charges a separate fee for its obstacle statement.

In addition to an obstacle permit, other permits such as a construction permit may also be required for setting up an obstacle.

The application and attachments can also be sent by e-mail to Trafi's registry: kirjaamo(at)



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