Aircraft Register

Aircraft Register data

Trafi maintains a Traffic Affairs Register (formerly knownas the Aircraft Register), which contains information on Finnish civilian aircraft and on the holders of and applicants for aviation licences, certificates, ratings, and authorisations.

Aircraft register data

Aircraft registration is required for the use and operation of aircraft for aviation purposes. In addition to the aircraft information, information on the owner, operator, holder and agent as well as on aircraft mortgages are entered in the Aircraft Register.

Military aircraft are registered in the Military Aircraft Register, which is maintained by the Finnish Defence Forces.

Unmanned aircraft with an operating mass of less than 150 kg do not need to be entered in the Traffic Affairs Register. However, use of an unmanned aircraft for aerial work requires that the operator submit a Notification on the use of remotely piloted aircraft for its intended operation.

Trafi also maintains a Finnish glider list and assigned identification codes to gliders that are not foot-launched. The list contains glider specifications and information on listing applicants and their contact information.

Applying for a glider's listing and identification code decision.

Disclosure of information on aircraft

Aircraft information may be obtained free of charge by entering the aircraft registration number in the Check aircraft registration information e-service.

If your need for information is extensive and continuous and based on public authority activities or is related to aircraft financing or insurance, aircraft inspection, spare parts sales and service, the determination of air traffic charges or other comparable activities, please contact Trafi’s information services at tietojenluovutus(at)



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