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Finnish Aircraft Register

Trafi maintains an aircraft register in order to monitor aviation safety, identify aircraft, meet the international obligations binding Finland, and handle aircraft mortgaging tasks. Trafi maintains the Finnish Aircraft Register of civilian aircraft. Military aircraft are registered in the Military Aircraft Register maintained by the Finnish Defence Forces.

In addition to the aircraft information, the owner's, operator's, possessor's and agent's information, and information on aircraft mortgages are entered into the Aircraft Register.

The Aviation Act lays down provisions on the registration, nationality and markings of an aircraft. The registration of an aircraft is a requirement for using the aircraft for aviation. Trafi will issue a registration certificate as proof of the registration of the aircraft, and a temporary registration certificate for the temporary registration of an aircraft.

The original, valid registration certificate must always be brought along in an aircraft when it is used for aviation. The registration certificate alone does not suffice for using the aircraft for aviation; you must also take care of the aircraft's airworthiness and other permits. You can find more information on the airworthiness of the aircraft and the permits here.

For instructions on the listing and identification codes of gliders, see here.

Requirements for the registration of an aircraft in the Finnish Aircraft Register

For provisions on the requirements set for aircraft to be entered into the Finnish Aircraft Register and to remain in the Finnish Aircraft Register.

Owner's notification obligation

The owner of an aircraft must notify the Aircraft Register of any changes concerning the aircraft's registration information within fourteen (14) days of the change. This notification obligation applies to situations where, for example, the owner or some of the owners of an aircraft change, information concerning the operator, possessor or agent of an aircraft changes, the name of the owner of an aircraft changes (for example, as a result of a merger), changes take place in the registration preconditions of an aircraft, or changes take place in the address information of the owner/operator/possessor/agent.

The notification must include sufficient evidence in order to identify and verify the changed information. You can find more information on this site.

If necessary, Trafi may prohibit the operation of an aircraft due to a failure to comply with the notification obligation until the notification obligation has been fulfilled.

Information on fees

Aircraft registration and registration change decisions, aircraft mortgaging decisions, and the listing and identifying code decision for gliders are primarily subject to fees that are decreed in the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State (150/1992) and the Decrees issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications concerning the Finnish Transport Safety Agency's commercial services (in Finnish).

A registration maintenance fee is also charged for registered aircraft. This annual fee is charged on the first day of the invoicing year for aircraft in the Aircraft Register from the owner or operator of the aircraft listed in the register at the time in question.

For more information, see the price list: Fees for services (aircraft registration and mortgaging)

Access to information in the Finnish Aircraft Register

Due to the entry into force of the new Finnish Aviation Act on 13 November 2014, the lists of information from the Aircraft Register previously found on this page will no longer be published.

Under the information disclosure policy of the new Aviation Act, information may be disclosed against the full registration marks of an aircraft on an individual basis. 

You can check the aircraft information in Trafi’s e-Services using the registration number.

If your need for information is extensive and continuous and based on public authority activities or is related to aircraft financing or insurance, aircraft inspection, spare parts sales and service, the determination of air traffic charges or other comparable activities, please contact Trafi’s information services at tietojenluovutus(at)

More information on the prerequisites for the disclosure of information and its grounds can be found in the provisions on the disclosure of information in Chapter 2 of the Aviation Act (in Finnish).

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