Aviation medicine

Aviation medicine

In co-operation with authorised medical examiners (AME) and Aeromedical Centres (AeMC), the Aeromedical Section (AMS) of Trafi is responsible for regulatory duties in the field of aviation medicine.

Human performance is among the most significant factors affecting flight safety. An individual’s ability to perform his/her tasks safely is determined by his/her suitability for aviation duties, training, experience, attitude to flight safety, as well as personal factors relating to functional ability and health.

One of Trafi's key duties is to ensure that persons entering aviation safety-related positions or already working in the field are suitable in terms of their health and capable of performing their tasks safely.

Trafi monitors that the requirements concerning functional ability and health are complied with. Additionally, Trafi assesses potential risks to flight safety and aims to actively promote safety together with other operators in the aviation sector.


Page updated 12/22/2011