Traffic rights and operating permits

Traffic rights and operating permits

Commercial air services in the European Community have been liberated by Regulation (EC) No 1008/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council. Community air carriers may operate freely within the community. However, a community air carrier needs an operating authorisation for operating scheduled services from Finland to third countries.

Third country operators always need an operating permit or operating authorisation when operating air services between Finland and a third country.

The operators of the States parties to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago 1944) have the right in international non-scheduled operations to overfly Finnish territory without prior permission.

In scheduled air services the right to overfly Finnish territory without prior permission is allowed for operators of a State party to the International Air Services Transit Agreement (Chicago 1944) or another international agreement where Finland has agreed such right. Otherwise the permission to operate air services over the territory of Finland shall be requested from the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.

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