Passenger rights

Air passenger rights

The EU has secured you certain rights in the event that your air travel is disrupted. These pages provide you with instructions on what to do in the following situations if

  • your flight has been delayed or cancelled
  • you have been denied boarding
  • your luggage is lost or damaged
  • your travel class has changed

 We also give information about the rights of passengers with a disability or reduced mobility on flights.

We provide guidance on how to file a complaint with an airline and, if necessary, with the authorities.

Trafi processes complaints related to rights of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility and business travellers.

Trafi supervises enforcement of air passenger rights in collaboration with the Consumer Ombudsman.

In case of a package tour, additional information is provided on the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority website or the European Consumer Centre in Finland.



These rights are applied on: 

Internal and international flights from EU

Flights arriving outside the EU with an EU carrier or one from Iceland, Norway or Switzerland.



Page updated 08/07/2018