Aviation is highly international by nature, so common rules and agreements between nations are necessary to promote its safety and functionality. Several aviation organisations collaborate internationally and issue common aviation standards. Trafi is an active participant in the international co-operation for promoting flight safety.

Trafi's partners include the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), established in 1944, that sets the minimum standards and issues recommendations for international air transport.

At the European level, aviation authorities co-operate under the auspices of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). ECAC is an organisation for co-operation and forum for discussion, which aims to promote safety, efficiency and sustainable development in civil aviation.

The European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA, is the joint aviation authority for all EU countries. Its main goal is to create and maintain a uniform, high standard of flight safety throughout Europe. The power of national authorities to issue regulations has now been largely transferred to the European Union, which in future will publish most standards relating to airworthiness, maintenance, flight operations and licensing. However, military and state aviation as well as some sport aviation operations will remain under national regulation.

The basic rules governing aviation in Finland can be found in the Aviation Act and in EU regulations directly applicable in all member states.

Even though the share of EU law is constantly increasing in aviation, Trafi still issues more detailed national provisions to supplement the legislation. Most aviation regulations are based on international standards and recommendations.



Page updated 12/14/2017