National aviation regulations

National aviation regulations

Finnish aviation regulations are divided into the series GEN, AGA, ANS, AIR, OPS, PEL, TRG, SEC and JAR. In addition to the collection of aviation regulations, some regulatory standards are still included in the series of Rules and Decisions, in which regulations on airspace management, security and traffic rights have been published.

The GEN series (General) contains regulations of a general nature, concerning e.g. aircraft registration and the reporting of accidents and incidents.

The AGA series (Aerodromes and Ground Aids) contains provisions on e.g. aerodrome construction, operation and management.

The ANS series (Air Navigation Services) mainly deals with the use of safety management systems by air traffic service providers.

The AIR series (Airworthiness) regulates aircraft and aeronautical products. It contains regulations on aircraft airworthiness, continuing airworthiness management, and the maintenance of aircraft and aeronautical products.

The OPS series (Operations) contains regulations concerning flight operations, including private, commercial, airline transport, helicopter, agricultural, forestry and sailplane  operations as well as aviation insurance.

The PEL and TRG series (Personnel Licensing and Training) are comprised of regulations relating to aviation licences and training operations.

The SEC series (Security) concerns the protection of civil aviation against unlawful acts.




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