Security controls

Security inspections

Passenger security checks

Security checks of airline passengers in EU Member States are governed by EU legislation. The rules aim at making air travel smooth and convenient without compromising safety.

The purpose of security checks is to ensure that no articles or substances that could cause a hazard in flight are carried on board aircraft, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Even an ordinary household item may be dangerous if brought on board an aircraft and may therefore be banned or subject to restrictions.

No flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive or otherwise hazardous materials may be packed in luggage.

Airlines may have their own policies with more severe restrictions than those described on this website. Always read your ticket or consult your airline to make sure that the articles or substances you intend to pack are allowed on board. Pay particularly close attention to the restrictions on the carriage of liquids.

To pass smoothly through a security check

  • show all liquids in your possession,
  • remove your outer garments for inspection, and
  • present your laptop computer and any other large  electronic devices for screening.

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Page updated 08/07/2018