Registering a watercraft

Registering a watercraft

Watercraft owners must notify Trafi of any changes to their registration details within 30 days of the change. Once the register has been updated, a new registration certificate will be posted to the owner automatically.

Trafi must also be notified if a watercraft is destroyed, sold, moved permanently to another country or decommissioned.

Register notifications

Trafi must be notified of the following changes:

The first registration of a watercraft as well as changes of ownership/holder are subject to a fee.

No fees are charged for making changes to other watercraft details or for deregistering a watercraft.

Trafi’s service providers have an obligation to verify customers’ identity. Acceptable forms of proof of identity are passports, identity cards, Finnish driving licences and mobile driving licences.

Only the registered owner or future owner of a watercraft can file register notifications electronically. Customers can log into the service using their online banking details, identity card or digital certificate.

The locations of Trafi’s watercraft registration service points are shown on the map. Any missing or incorrect information can be reported by email to pirjo.ranta (at)





Page updated 08/14/2018