Registration certificates

Registration certificates

Trafi took over the administration of the Watercraft Register from Local Register Offices on 1 August 2014. Registration certificates now also look different. The new certificates are trilingual and the same size as driving licences. Registration certificates issued by Local Register Offices remain valid for as long as no changes are made to the registration details included in the new certificate.

Watercraft owners must notify Trafi of any changes to their registration details within 30 days. Once the register has been updated, a new registration certificate will be posted to the owner automatically. Watercraft owners can also upgrade to the new registration certificate against a fee even if their registration details have not changed.

Contents of a registration certificate

Registration certificates issued by Trafi contain the following information concerning watercraft, engines and owners/holders:

Concerning the watercraft:
(Sections a1–a15 of the certificate)

  • Craft identification number
  • Trafi number (identification number issued automatically by the system)
  • Sequence number
  • Model year
  • Maximum number of persons/Design category
  • Brand and model (watercraft)
  • Type of craft
  • Construction material
  • Main colour
  • Length of hull
  • Maximum length
  • Maximum beam
  • Maximum load
  • Date of issue
  • Registration number

Concerning engines:
(Sections b1–b6 of the certificate)

  • Number of engines
  • Serial number
  • Installed engine power (kW/hp)
  • Propulsion power
  • Brand and model (engine)

Concerning owners/holders:
(Sections c1–c3 of the certificate)

  • Owner/holder
  • Surname
  • First name

Registration certificates ordered prior to 8 Sept. 2016 state the year of production instead of the model year. Section a4 on the reverse side of the certificate indicates which year is meant.

Right to fly the Finnish flag

A watercraft is deemed to be Finnish and therefore entitled to fly the Finnish flag, if a Finnish citizen or a Finnish legal person owns more than 60% of the watercraft.

Ownership percentages are entered into the system according to the information provided by customers.

Watercraft can also be registered without the right to fly the Finnish flag if the nationality criterion is not satisfied.

The right to fly the Finnish flag is indicated by a symbol of the Finnish flag in the registration certificate and a note stating that the card can be used as proof of nationality. More information about the right to fly the Finnish flag has been published in a notice by Trafi.


Watercraft owners can order duplicates of their registration certificate against a fee. Apart from the sequence number, duplicates are identical with the original registration certificate. Watercraft owners can hold no more than two valid registration certificates at a time.

If either of the certificates goes missing, both certificates must be replaced. When a new registration certificate is issued, a new duplicate needs to be ordered separately.

Lost certificates

A new registration certificate must be ordered against a fee if a certificate goes missing. The duplicate of a lost certificate, where applicable, also ceases to be valid. A new duplicate needs to be ordered separately.

Registration certificates can be ordered

  • Through the electronic My e-Services portal
  • By visiting an office of a service provider that offers watercraft registration services
  • By post: Finnish Transport Safety Agency, PO Box 320, FI-00101 Helsinki

Trafi’s service providers have an obligation to verify customers’ identity. Acceptable forms of proof of identity are passports, identity cards, Finnish driving licences and mobile driving licences.

The new registration certificate will be sent to the watercraft owner by post. Once the new certificate has arrived, the previous registration certificate must be destroyed by cutting it in half across the registration number. The watercraft can be used even before the registration certificate arrives. If necessary, the authorities can verify online whether the watercraft has been registered and a registration certificate has been ordered.

Extract from the Transport Register

The registration certificate does not contain the name of the watercraft nor its home port.
If you need a trilingual extract from the register provided with a signature and stamp, you can order it here. The price is EUR15 and the extract will be delivered to the desired address.

Please note that the extract is not an official document and that it does not replace a valid registration certificate.



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