Watercraft Register

Watercraft registration

Trafi maintains a Transport Register, which contains information on watercraft (formerly known as the Watercraft Register).

The purpose of the register is to promote safety and prevent the harmful effects of watercraft use. The register is of help to supervisory authorities and search and rescue services, and it can also be consulted in water use planning.

The register contains information about the number and properties of boats and other watercraft in use in Finland.

The register also helps to solve watercraft and engine thefts. In addition, the data can be used to inform the public if serious faults are found in a particular type of watercraft.

All boats measuring at least 5.5 metres must be registered

The register holds the details of all sailboats and motorboats that are at least 5.5 metres long. Any watercraft where the engine power declared by the manufacturer is at least 15 kW, i.e. more than 20 horsepower, also need to be registered.

The obligation to register a watercraft also applies to other motorised watercraft, such as personal watercraft, as well as watercraft owned by the State and local authorities.

You can file the registration notification:



Boat registration information

telephone: +358 29 534 5160

email: asiakaspalvelu(at)trafi.fi


Maximum engine power by boat model

Maximum engine power





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