Drones 2017

Helsinki High Level Conference on Drones 2017

21st – 22nd November

The main European annual UAS event will be held this year in Helsinki, where the key players of unmanned aviation are gathering for a two-day high level meeting. The conference is hosted by Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The conference will include presentations and panel discussions by leading experts, policy makers and companies in the unmanned aviation community. Some of the themes we are focusing on are the development of UTM systems in Europe, new business models, regulation needs, safety, security and privacy.

Welcome to a forum on the future of unmanned aviation!



Contact information

Chief Adviser to Director General of Civil Aviation

Jukka Hannola

phone: +358 29 5347 063
email: jukka.hannola(at)trafi.fi



Page updated 10/25/2017