Service providers

Service providers

Trafi's partners offer services for private person and companies based on the information in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register.

Services for private persons

Register queries

Private persons may make queries regarding the data on the technical specifications and registration information of individual vehicles in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register, based on the vehicle's licence plate number of serial number. Trafi's partners offer register queries as online, SMS, and telephone services.

Register queries are provided by

Use of the services is subject to a fee. The prices and content of services are indicated on the service providers' own Web sites. Before using this service, please note that any data obtained from the service may not be used for unlawful purposes or in a way that would compromise the protection of personal privacy. The data derived from the service are intended to be used primarily in connection with the sale and purchase of vehicles between consumers to ensure the reliability of vehicle and owner data, for example by verifying that the seller actually owns the vehicle. Any other authorised purposes of use must be related to traffic safety, vehicles, vehicle traffic or its effects on the environment, or driving of a vehicle. By using this service, you commit to comply with the conditions explained above.

Services for companies

Direct marketing services

Companies and other organisations are entitled to obtain postal addresses from the Vehicular and Driver Data Register for direct marketing and market research purposes. Trafi does not provide the addresses. Rather, it has distribution contracts with companies that provide direct marketing services.

The following companies provide direct marketing services:

Query services

The following partners can offer register query services to companies on the basis of licence plate numbers or serial numbers of vehicles.

Market statistics

Various market statistics are also produced from the Vehicular and Driver Data Register. The statistics can be tailored according to customers' wishes and are produced by

Information service providers for spare part supply




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