Accident and incident reports

Accident and incident reports

An accident/incident report (Maritime Safety Report) is filed in the cases referred to in Trafi's Regulation on accident and incident reporting. The report should contain a detailed account of the accident/incident and any details that could be of help in determining its causes. The report should also contain a full copy of relevant entries made in the ship's log and engine room log.  The report is made by filling in the applicable form.

Filling in the report

The form is filled in, irrespective of type of accident/incident.

Make sure that you have given the following information either  on the form or in attachments (excerpt from the ship's log, etc.):

  • a detailed description of the accident/incident and any factors that might have influenced the course of events. The account should include information on injuries and damage to third parties and infrastructure, if any (other ships, quay constructions, aids to navigation, etc.)
  • the exact time and date of the accident/incident
  • exact coordinates (latitude, longitude)
  • weather conditions, also when not of direct relevance to th accident(/incident.

Submission of the report to Trafi

The report should be sent to Trafi as soon as possible after the accident/incident

  • electronically (Press the button Send after completing the form)
  • by e-mail to the address meriturvallisuus(at) This alternative should be used if you have sent the report electronically but have not received any confirmation from Trafi that the report has been received
  • or by mail to

Finnish Transport Safety Agency
Traffic Analysis
Maritime Safety Report
PO Box 320
FI-00101 Helsinki

Report to Trafi's duty officer

In addition, all accidents should always be reported to Trafi's inspector on duty.

Contact information:

  • phone 0203 28010, in case of accidents in the Gulf of Finland or on inland waterways
  • phone 0203 28020, in case of accidents in the Archipelago Sea or the Gulf of Bothnia.


Page updated 09/10/2018