Pilotage authority

The Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi) monitors the observance of the Pilotage Act and any provisions issued under it.

We are also responsible for any pilotage duties which under the Pilotage Act (940/2003) or the Act on transforming the State Pilotage Enterprise into a Limited Liability Company (1008/2010) have not been assigned to FinnPilot Pilotage Ltd.

Our duties comprise

  • granting of pilot licences, pilotage exemption certificates, exemptions and deep-sea pilot's licences and related examinations
  • keeping of a record of pilot licences, pilotage exemption certificates and exemptions
  • granting of exemptions from compulsory pilotage and exemptions from the obligation to provide pilotage services
  • issuing of pilotage regulations.




Page updated 02/28/2017