Market monitoring

Market monitoring

In recent years, competition has become a topic of interest on Finland’s railways. Since the 1990s, the EU has aimed at promoting competition, including through numerous legislative packages. The creation of favourable conditions for competition has also been mentioned as a focus area for railway traffic promotion in the Finnish Government Programme.

Freight traffic on Finland’s railways was opened up for competition at the beginning of 2007. At present there is only one railway undertaking – VR Group – operating on the state-owned rail network. In year 2011 the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi issued two safety certificates to another railway undertakings, Proxion Train Oy and Ratarahti Oy, which will probably begin operations within the next few years.

The development of the railway markets is monitored annually at the national and international levels through various reports. At the national scale, the key aspect is the measurement of the factors affecting competition and of the functionality and impact of competition.

The European Commission monitors the development of railway markets using an annual survey of Member States.

Commission Rail Regulatory Market Monitoring -report,
Rail Market Monitoring Scheme (RMMS)

Report to the Council and the European Parliament on monitoring development of the rail market COM(2009)676

Commission Staff Working Document SEC(2009)1687


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