Automated vehicle trials

Automated vehicle trials

Finland's current road traffic legislation already permits automated vehicle trials – no amendments will be required.

Trafi aims to make the testing and use of automated vehicles possible in Finland. Parties interested in or planning trials of automated vehicles are invited to contact Trafi in this regard. In practice, Trafi will facilitate the implementation of trials through means such as proposing solutions for driver specification and helping with the technical approval and registration of the vehicle.

Trafi will draw up a national action plan for automated vehicle trials in cooperation with other operators in the field.

Why is the promotion of traffic automation important?

Automation entails great potential in road traffic. Many accidents can be avoided by eliminating human error, which the automation of driving could potentially reduce. Very few scientific studies have been carried out on the effects of automation, and new trials are thus required to verify the potential benefits and, on the other hand, identify and resolve the new challenges created by increased automation in traffic.

High-level automation trials test solutions such as autonomous vehicles. Many drivers have already experienced the effects of automation through devices such as lane keeping assistants, adaptive cruise control or automatic emergency brakes.

Trafi wishes to use trials and testing to promote the automation of road traffic in a decisive and responsible manner.

Page updated 09/18/2017