Commercial transport

Commercial transport

The control and regulation of commercial transport seek to promote environmentally friendly solutions, and the health and safety of transport sector employees and road users in general. A variety of means are used, such as the tachograph system, enhancing vocational training for drivers, and using traffic directors for abnormal loads that deviate from traffic regulations. Alcohol interlocks are mandatory when transporting children to and from school and daycare.

Trafi approves syllabuses for professional competence training and its share of training centres. We are also responsible for granting approval to some training centres and processing permits for those wishing to organise transport provider training. We supervise transport provider training, and organise and assess tests. Trafi grants traffic direction rights for abnormal load transports, and will also handle applications for workshop and control cards for the digital tachograph system. We issue CEMT permits for freight and removal transport, transport and control documents for occasional international coach journeys, and licences for passenger pickup from Russia and Ukraine. Our approval is also required for all alcohol interlocks used on the road.

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