Responsibility model for road transport enterprises

Responsibility model for road transport enterprises

The responsibility model is a voluntary management and operational procedure model intended for road transport industry enterprises. It considers financial, safety, environmental and quality perspectives and extends them to practical application in transport companies.

The responsibility model can be utilised by goods and passenger transport enterprises of all sizes and their customers.

Responsible operation benefits both the transport enterprise and its customers in several ways. Goal-oriented and planned operations are punctual, efficient, predictive and economical. Responsibility also affects the image and acts as a competitive advantage, as customers increasingly pay attention to the responsibility of transports.

Responsibility model instructions and other materials can be utilised as a tool for evaluating operations and developing procedures.

The elements of responsible transport are:
• financial capabilities
• management’s commitment to responsibility
• responsibilities defined for safety, environmental and quality aspects
• goals set for safety, environmental and quality matters
• risk management
• knowledge management
• transport equipment’s condition, maintenance and conformity to requirements
• instructions and reporting for non-conformance and emergency situations
• systematic collection and analysis of data
• regular summary on safety, environmental and quality aspects
• continuous improvement

A practical implementation method can be selected by the enterprise according to what operational procedures best suit the organisation.

Joining the responsibility model is done on the Trafi website. Joining the model is voluntary. With the Transport Enterprise Responsibility Certificate, issued by Trafi, the transport company can demonstrate its responsibility to third parties.

Upon joining, the enterprise must demonstrate to Trafi that it fulfils the requirements set for joining the responsibility model. Trafi also supervises that the requirements are fulfilled. The responsible transport enterprises that have joined the model are published on the Trafi website.

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