I have a driving licence

I have a driving licence

These pages will tell you which vehicles you can drive with your driving licence, how long your licence is valid for, how to renew it, and what special terms or restrictions may be attached to it. There are also guidelines on how to apply for a duplicate driving licence if, for example, you change your name or your original licence is lost or stolen.

You can also read about the letters Trafi sends for repeated traffic offences. The police are responsible for enforcing driving health and drivers' behaviour on the roads. These pages will tell you also about applying for an alcohol interlock-controlled driving licence, either on the grounds of health or in relation to driving whilst intoxicated.

You will also find information on how to obtain an international driving permit, and also whether you can drive on your foreign licence in Finland and how to exchange it for a Finnish one.

Advice and applications

Trafi's service provider Ajovarma Oy


Driver enforcement

The police

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