Driving licence for a tractor

Driving licence for a tractor

You need a Category T or LT driving licence to drive a tractor. Both licences also give you the right to drive a snowmobile. You must be 15 to get a T or LT licence.

In order to obtain a tractor driving licence, you will need to get a driving licence permit from Ajovarma Oy. You can apply for a tractor driving licence permit no more than one year before you turn 15.

No mandatory driving instruction is required to obtain a tractor driving licence. However, practice materials for the Category T theory test are on sale at Ajovarma offices.

Driving examination

You must pass the theory test to get a Category T driving licence. You must be 15 before you can take your theory test.

The Category LT examination always includes both a theory test and a handling test.

You can book a time for your tests at an Ajovarma office. When you arrive for your test, you will have to prove your identity with, for example, your passport or an ID card.

Driving licence posted to your home address

You will receive a certificate when you pass your examination. This certificate will entitle you to drive a Category T or LT vehicle in Finland (excluding the Åland Islands) for six months. Your actual driving licence will be posted to your home address.

Upgrading a driving licence

You can upgrade your driving licence within Group 1 (AM/120, AM/121, T, LT, A1, A2, A, B, BE) through Trafi’s e-Services. Using the service requires that you already have a right to drive in Group 1 and that no attachments are needed for the upgrading of the licence (such as medical certificate, consent of guardians, certificate of driving instruction). If attachments are needed for upgrading the licence, the upgrade must be carried out at Ajovarma. More information on the requirements of using the upgrading service is available in the e-Services.

You can always also upgrade your driving licence at Ajovarma’s licence service point.



Page updated 09/21/2017