Taxi driver licence

Taxi driver licence

You need a taxi driver licence to drive a taxi.

Apply for a licence at an Ajovarma office. Make an appointment in advance. Ajovarma also provides advice to customers and checks the criteria and the application attachments.

Trafi decides whether or not to issue a licence. A taxi driver licence is issued for five years. If you are aged 68 or over, your taxi driver licence will be issued for two years.

Criteria for issuing a taxi driver licence

You may be issued with a taxi driver licence if

  • you have held a Category B driving licence for at least one year OR you have a minimum of a valid Category B driving licence issued in another EU or EEA Member State
  • you are not subject to a driving ban or temporary driving ban
  • you fulfil the health criteria for Group 2 driving licences
  • you have passed the taxi driver examination.

Taxi driver examination

The taxi driver examination is composed of a theory test and a local knowledge test, which can be taken either separately or at the same time. The tests are organised by Trafi’s service provider Ajovarma Oy. Both tests are available either in Finnish or in Swedish. Book a time for your test at Ajovarma here. 

  • Theory test

The theory test consists of 30 multiple choice questions and it lasts a maximum of 45 minutes. There is only one completely correct answer to each question. There is more detail about the contents of the test in Trafi’s regulation concerning the taxi driver’s test.

  • Local knowledge test

The test consists of a total of 50 questions and it lasts a maximum of 45 minutes.
The test contains questions or tasks about the main thoroughfares in the street and road network and the directions of travel

  • in the municipality that will be the main operating area and its immediate surroundings;
  • the best known public administrative and service institutions and their locations
    • national and municipal authorities and publicly maintained health and hospital care as well as sport, recreational and leisure facilities.
  • other well-known places people visit and their locations.
    • cultural and recreational places, restaurants and accommodation providers, tourist attractions as well as other similar significant places of interest.

Restrictions on being issued

a taxi driver licence

When Trafi makes its decision, it checks the applicant’s record of criminal convictions and fines for the previous five years. A criminal record entry is made in the register if a person has been sentenced to prison conditionally or unconditionally. Information about fines is checked from the fines register.

A taxi driver licence cannot be issued if a person is,

  1. according to the criminal register or register of fines, guilty of causing a serious traffic hazard (chapter 23, section 2 of the Criminal Code of Finland), guilty driving while intoxicated (chapter 23, section 3 of the Criminal Code of Finland), driving while seriously intoxicated (chapter 23, section 4 of the Criminal Code of Finland) or driving a vehicle without a licence (chapter 23, section 10 of the Criminal Code of Finland)
  2. according to information on the criminal register, guilty of indecent behaviour, sexual offences, offences against someone’s life or health, offences against the freedom of a person, property offences, robbery, concealment or money laundering offences or drugs related offices
  3. according to information on the register of fines, is guilty of crimes listed in paragraph 2) and the offences show him or her to be clearly unsuited to be a taxi driver.
  4. guilty of a crime abroad that corresponds to the offences listed in paragraphs 1-2 and the offence has been entered in the criminal register or register of fines.

How to apply for a taxi driver licence

You must apply to Ajovarma for your taxi driver licence. You must enclose the following with your application

  • a medical certificate, no more than six months old, stating that you fulfil the health criteria for taxi drivers
    • Applicants who are 68 or older, must provide a comprehensive medical report which takes account of the effects of ageing.
  • a photograph (If you have a valid passport or identity card, you do not need new passport pictures for a driving licence. The pictures are already in Trafi’s system. If you have sent a photograph for a driving licence, professional driving licence or a professional qualification licence, or an ADR driving licence or a taxi driver licence in 2013 or later you do not need a new photograph)

If you have a driving licence issued by another EU or EEA member state and you do not have a Finnish right to drive, you must show your driving licence when applying for a taxi driver licence.

Taxi driver licence posted to your home

A taxi driver licence will be posted to the applicant’s home about two weeks after the licence has been issued. The licence will not be posted if the applicant is banned from driving or subject to a temporary ban or if the taxi driver licence has been cancelled.

Revalidation of a taxi driver licence

When a taxi driver licence expires, you must apply for a new licence. The conditions for revalidating a licence are broadly the same as for the issue of the first licence. The attachments required for the application are also the same.

However, you will not need to take the taxi driver examination again nor provide a medical report if you are under the age of 45. The revalidation of a licence is also issued for five or two years.

Duplicate of a taxi driver licence

You can order a new taxi driver licence to replace a licence that has been lost, destroyed, damaged or stolen. A replacement licence will be issued for the time remaining on the original licence. You should order a new licence from Ajovarma.

Cancellation of a taxi driver licence

The police can cancel a taxi driver licence for a fixed period, temporarily or indefinitely if the holder of the licence does not fulfil the health requirements or is guilty of an offence that would prevent issuing a licence.

Advice and applications

Trafi's service provider Ajovarma Oy


Professional competence

Taxi drivers' professional competence



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