Scrapping bonus

Scrapping bonus 2018

A scrapping bonus can be used for the acquisition of a new, low-emission car from 1 January–31 August 2018.

Requirements for the scrapping bonus

To qualify for the scrapping fee, the car to be scrapped is to have been taken into use in 2007 or earlier, and it must have been registered for use in traffic in 2017 and at the time of scrapping. The beneficiary of the scrapping fee also needs to have been the owner or holder of the vehicle in the 12 months preceding the scrapping. The bonus is only available to private individuals.

The CO2 emissions of a new petrol, or diesel-fuelled car must not exceed 110 g/km. No emission limits are set for cars with other sources of power

The amount of the scrapping bonus

The discount for a petrol, or diesel-fuelled car is 1,500 euros. For a car powered either fully or partially by high blend ethanol (flexifuel), methane (natural gas or biogas), or electricity (fully electric car or chargeable hybrid) the discount is 2,500 euros.

The government contributes 1,000 euros to the purchase of a petrol or diesel car and 2,000 euros for others. The automotive business contributes 500 euros for each new car under the plan. The government has allocated 8 million euros for the scrapping bonuses.

Getting the scrapping bonus

Car importers send the application for the scrapping bonus to Trafi. Trafi sends an official decision on granting the bonus to the customer, but the actual application for the bonus and its utilisation takes place in connection with the purchase of the car.




Page updated 01/08/2018