Vehicle registration and registration certificate

Vehicle registration and registration certificate

Online vehicle registration

As of 16 November 2015, it has been possible to register a change of owner for a vehicle in Trafi's e-Services, provided that insurance has been taken out on the vehicle in advance. In the online services of insurance companies, it will soon be possible to register a change of owner at the same time as taking out insurance for the vehicle. Please contact your insurance company to confirm availability.

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Check the details of your vehicle

In Trafi's e-Services, you may check free of charge the details of your own vehicles entered in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register maintained by Trafi. In order to access vehicle details, you must be the registered owner or holder of the vehicle.
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Registration certificate

A registration certificate is not automatically issued or mailed when you register a vehicle. You may obtain a copy of the registration certificate from the Trafi online service or from an inspection station carrying out registrations.

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Decommissioning a vehicle

You may temporarily remove your vehicle from traffic (decommission it) if you do not need it for a while but intend to use it again later.

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Final deregistration

If your vehicle is no longer usable, submit a final deregistration. This will irrevocably terminate your liability for vehicle tax and insurance premiums, and the registration number will expire.

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Commissioning a vehicle

You may commission your decommissioned vehicle (for use in traffic again) online in Trafi's e-Service or your insurance company’s online service.

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Notifications on changes in registration details

When any changes occur that affect the registration details of a vehicle that you own or hold, submit a registration notification concerning the change immediately, no later than seven (7) days from the change. Changes requiring notification include change of owner, change of holder and change of vehicle use.

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Correcting registration details

The data contained in registration notifications as well as the entries in the Vehicular and Driver Data Register must be correct. Trafi is authorised by law to correct false register entries, if it can be verified that they are indeed false or incorrect.

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Veteran vehicle registration

A vehicle that has been manufactured more than thirty years ago and that has been properly retained in its original condition, or properly renovated, can be registered as a veteran vehicle at the registration or alteration inspection. A statement on a vehicle being eligible for the status of a veteran vehicle is issued by a nation-wide registered veteran vehicle organisation.

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